M. Toulouse Aveline Hybrid Genesis-CLEARANCE

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M. Toulouse Aveline Hybrid Genesis 

High external block that extends up into the skirt.  This block encourages a rider from posting too far forward and is very handy when riding horses who have a tendency to change direction without notice.  Double V billeting system equalizes both the front and the back billet pressure.  Wool flocked STP panels, wide gullet and open pommel for maximum freedom of movement.  

Seat sizes: 18"

Before you purchase your new saddle be sure to ask us:  Will this saddle fit my horse?  Will this saddle fit me?  Email us a nice side shot of your horse and ask us based on the length of your thigh or base of support, will this saddle fit me?  Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to make sure you are getting the correct saddle. 

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